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Run For Markham


I personally feel that the alignment of Ahmadiyya [Muslim] values with Canadian values – values of openness, respect, compassion and willingness to work hard and desire to be there for each other – these are the kinds of things we need so much more of in the community and in the world.

Rt. Hon. Justin Trudeau Prime Minister of Canada

The Ahmadiyya Muslim community is a reminder of what is best about Canada. Your hard work and dedication to serving those around you, giving back to your community, and standing in defence of religious freedom for all are things every Canadian can stand behind you on. I will work tirelessly to bring home a Canada where all Canadians, no matter where they come from, can achieve their dreams. Thank you for all you do.

Pierre Poilievre Leader of the Official Opposition of Canada:

Warm greetings to everyone taking part in the Mercy4Mankind Charity Runs. Building a great province begins with strong, healthy communities. Many thanks to the good folks of the Ahmadiyya Muslim community for taking part in these runs. Events such as this bring people of all faiths and cultures together to raise awareness of worthwhile causes. Best wishes for your success!

Doug Ford Premie of Ontario

The Run for Vaughan is a top tier event in the City of Vaughan that brings us together behind a united mission: better local healthcare in the heart of our community. I am continuously grateful and impressed with this volunteer-driven organization that is raising over $2M in support of the Cortellucci Vaughan Hospital. Team Lecce will continue to actively participate with one of the largest teams and donations, as we work to ensure it is the largest run yet!

Stephen Lecc Ontario Minister of Education

5 Since 2003, the Run for Vaughan has contributed meaningful support to our goal of bringing a hospital to Vaughan – and together, we achieved that goal. Cortellucci Vaughan Hospital is Canada’s first smart hospital and the first net-new hospital to open in Ontario in more than 30 years. The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community is a vital part of our city and country, and I want to thank each of its members for their dedicated and purposeful efforts in making our home the best it can be.

Steven Del Duca Mayor of Vaughan